Continuous innovation is at the core of the CIG’s culture. CIG envisions the trend, continuously developing and refining our products. With our industry vision and technology know-how, CIG can always seize an opportunity when it arises and be at the forefront of advancement.

From industrial design to hardware development, from software platforms to new product integration, we have full R&D capabilities to continuously invent new products. Our large-scale operation is based on a complex information system that ensures information sharing and process control.( Topnotch talents plus the skilled and international corporate management team ensures our daily operation achieves the highest quality standard in a more cost effective manner. )

An Example: Bosa on Board (BOB)

CIG was the earliest to introduce BOB. Since then CIG has been leading and working closely with BOSA component and packaging suppliers advancing BOB technologies. CIG continuously advancing the BOB to improve the quality (PFY), manufacturability and cost.

BOBTM Advantage