Within CIG we view ODM/JDM as a service to our partners, providing an end-to-end solution for your product needs. Our experienced R&D team is an extended resource to yourin-house R&D team.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing): CIG provides all services of the NPD processes starting with the Concept Phase and taking it to mass production. Planning phase participation will depend on product ownership. CIG will drive the planning activities if it has ownership of the product. Otherwise the customer will drive the planning activities.

JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing): Along with the OEM service, the development process is jointly owned by both CIG and the customer. Roles and responsibilities will be based on mutual agreements between CIG and our partner.

In 2014, as an example, CIG completed the following:

All projects were delivered on time and passed quality criterias.

CIG can provide the following ODM/JDM Service Technology Competences: