PON and New Access

CIG is one of the earliest independent GPON ONT company. Now CIG has the largest market share of GPON ONTs by volume,one of every four GPON ONTs deployed in the world is made by CIG.

CIG R&Ds GPON Core Competences:

  • Completed GPON in-house R&D capabilities
  • Most Interoperable software (including GPON embedded voice)
  • GPON on-board optics. In 2007/8, CIG was the earliest introduced BOSA-on-Board (BOB). Since then CIG has been leading and working closely with BOSA component and packaging suppliers advancing BOB technologies
  • Wi-Fi expertise (RF, antenna engineering and Wi-Fi software)
  • Supported by a completed GPON supply chain, and flexible + high-volume GPON manufacture lines, with industry best quality records
  • Most complete product portfolio including SFP, SFP, Gateways, advanced Gateways, with multi SOC platform
  • With the ever increasing demand forthe bandwidth, CIG is developingthe new generation of PON, including 10G EPON GWY and XGPON and NGPON2 HCC

New Access

CIG is also developing the new products that covering the following technologies:

  • : deliver >1Gbps over 100m copper loop and >300Mbps over 300m copper loop
  • VDSL2 Bonding with RNC : delivers >140Mbps over 300m copper loop
  • MOCA 2.0: distribute true 1Gbps over coax throughout the home with point to multipoint topology
  • : distribute over any media that provides >300Mbps true throughput over power linewithMultipoint to multipoint topology